The Team

Noah Hickman

President & Owner

The son of the founder, Michael Hickman, Noah Hickman joined the family business in 1989. He began his career pushing a broom but soon became a utility production employee. He learned to grind, fill, build and repair the O.T.R. tire. In a very short time he had mastered the knowledge of tire composition, construction and proper field application.

Noah soon assumed the responsibility of assisting in the supervision of the world’s largest O.T.R. tire inventory and began traveling the globe in search of quality O.T.R. casings and repairable tires. He shared the responsibility of shipping and receiving and also began to develop his up-front and forthright sales approach that has become the H & H style.

For several years Noah served as the only direct sales representative. The continued strong growth of the company can be directly attributed to his unfaltering and steadfast dedication to his customer and product.

While serving his company as Vice President, Noah’s passionate approach to his responsibilities has assisted him in opening doorways to the global marketplace. The family-owned business has introduced itself and its product to many customers in nearly every continent around the globe.

As the President of H & H, and part Owner, Noah has directly overseen the metamorphosis of this company from industry commonplace to the industry’s most technologically advanced facility. The changes, although astounding, pale in comparison to the changes made to reflect his personal management philosophy.

As a customer, if you ask,
“In how many global companies can I speak directly to the President?"

You can now count at least one, Noah Hickman at H & H Industries.

Ken Daniels


Ken came to H & H during its infancy in the spring of 1972.

The past thirty-five years has brought Ken from an after-school tire changer to one of the nation’s leading O.T.R. repair and remanufacturing experts. The contributions to H & H and the industry as a whole remain incalculable at the very least.

As general manager, C/O and part owner, Ken now directs the day to day production as well as shipping and receiving.

Under Ken’s direction, H & H was the first to remanufacture the 57 inch tire and the first to develop and produce pre-cure tread rubber for the O.T.R. tire and is now the nation’s only source for the 57” pre-cure tire.

Much of the repair and manufacturing material used by H & H is produced exclusively for H & H and has been designed by Ken Daniels. Many of Ken’s visions and accomplishments have served to set H & H apart from the industry competition while many more have become industry standards.

Brian Thompson

Office Manager & Sales Representative

Brian came to H & H immediately following his service in Iraq and honorable military discharge.

Brian contributes a very acute understanding of heavy equipment and the various applications the equipment may be subjected to by combining this expertise with his understanding of the H & H remanufacturing and repair process. In addition to these duties, Brian also often travels throughout the nation examining both used tires as well as casings to be purchased by H & H.

During these travels Brian also enjoys visiting with our many customers along his route. Brian also controls routing the H & H route trucks and many of you have already spoke with him as he calls to alert you of trucks scheduled for your area and if you haven’t you surely will very soon.

Should your ever have a question concerning application or have a particular tire need Brian is available 24 hours a day to accept your calls and assist you with any of your needs.

Gregg Kiefer

Application Support & Sales Representative

Gregg joined the H&H ranks with the goal to better connect our company to our customers. Gregg’s focus was to take our customer commitment to another level by providing more communication and a better understanding of H&H, our products and what the customer can gain from us.

As part of this commitment, Gregg has spearheaded our Tire Maintenance and Application Support Program which was developed as yet another benefit for our customers to use as part of our full service.

While maintaining sales and service, Gregg has used his impressive organizational and communication skills to facilitate retail and end users into retread programs that are now able to utilize three and sometimes four retreads, which will provide the absolute cost per hour end result.

If you would like to talk to Gregg about his services, he is available and normally can be at your location within a matter of days as well as providing to you our superior selection of retreads and used tires if you have need.

Keith Clark

General Manager/Sales

Keith Clark first came to H & H Industries in 1995 and began his career in production. After serving in nearly all positions and aspects of production in 2005.

Keith naturally and comfortably stepped up to his current management position of general production supervisor. Keith also works with our computerized inventory and data systems.

Keith currently serves as the vital link between receiving and shipping. Although Keith does not necessarily have direct contact with the customer he has developed the ability to know and understand the individual and often unique needs and desires of each customer and carefully watches over the production of their product to assure their needs are fully met.

Keith is a life- long native of southern Ohio. When we look to our past accomplishments and successes and to those who made them happen no one can question why Keith is at the top of our list.

Allen Simpson

Plant Production Manager

Al joined the H & H team as a part time employee in the summer of 2002 and became a full time employee in late 2003 serving the maintenance department.

Al was later transferred to production where he performed many functions including assistant shift foreman.

Al’s current responsibilities include production scheduling for the three daily shifts as well as in-plant direct supervision.